Fenix Studios – Staten Island

Fenix Studios is a 10,000 square foot uniquely accessible creative environment that is home to 6 rehearsal studios, 2 recording studios, 1 production songwriting room, a white cyclorama studio, as well as a podcast studio. With a heavy focus on inclusivity, Fenix Studios prides itself on welcoming all levels of talent and ability. 

Rehearsal studios are equipped with at least two guitar amplifiers, a bass rig, 5-piece drum kit, an upright piano, and microphones through a professional PA system.

We are open for rehearsals weekdays 5:00 PM to midnight, Saturday & Sunday 11 AM to 1:00 AM and will be available June and July 2023. Please call the studio (718) 227-2345 for all bookings. 

While being the conception point of many great projects, Fenix Studios looks forward to continuing being a part of New York’s musical journey. With so many resources available, Fenix Studios aims to be the answer to a “one-stop-shop” for all creatives.

Address: 4442 Arthur Kill Rd., Staten Island, NY, 10309