Creative AI: What Artists and Music-Industry Professionals Need to Know
Water & Music

Creative AI may be the most disruptive technology for the music business since the Napster era of piracy. Generative AI tools for audio, text, and visual art have picked up tens of millions of users, forcing us to rethink traditional notions of creativity, ownership, and attribution.

At this critical juncture, join us for a candid panel discussion bringing the public hype (and fear) around music AI down to earth — distilling what about the technology is critical for artists and music-industry professionals to know today, and why. Moderated by Water & Music founder Cherie Hu, this discussion will feature the perspectives of local stakeholders forging new paths for music AI on the ground in NYC. Hear from founders building cutting-edge creative tools for artists and business leaders leading new forms of licensing deals and industry partnerships taking unique nature of AI-assisted creation into account. We will cover practical tips for navigating music AI from a commercial, legal, and ethical perspective, grounded in first-party research from Water & Music on the AI landscape at large.

Date and Time: Thursday, June 22, 2023, 7PM – 10PM