Joaquin Waah Dean

Bronx native, Joaquin Dean is a legendary and globally respected figure within the Hip Hop community as the Founder and CEO of Ruff Ryders Entertainment which he built alongside his brother, Darrin “Dee”, and sister, Chivon in 1988. Dean created an independent platform develops several RR entities while continuing to build his global brand. Supporting the community with his nonprofit foundation, Ruff Ryders 2 The Rescue, a community watch/youth music-based program, while he manages a record label, owns a Multi-Platinum Recording Studio,TV/Film division through which with E1 and BET released Ruff Ryders Chronicles in 2020, as well as a streaming radio station RR Radio. Mr. Dean also oversees 400 Ruff Ryders Lifestyle members motorcycle chapters worldwide. Ruff Ryders launched the careers of DMX, Eve, Swizz Beatz, and The Lox, all of whom are still known today. Looking forward Mr. Dean’s approach to Ruff Ryders business will continue embodying family values and family business.