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Studio40 Community Skillshare Workshop: Contract Basics for Artists

June 12 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Community Skillshare Workshops tap into the wealth of experience and knowledge present in the studio40 community at The New York Public Library, and support peer-to-peer knowledge sharing.  In this series, artists from studio40 apply to share on creative production topics of their choice in a short. 

Workshops will focus on topics in audio & production for the month of June for New York Music Month. Stay tuned for future Community Skillshare Workshops throughout the summer!


Interested in learning more about contracts for artists? In this session we will discuss important terms that are common in artist and musician contracts, some types of contracts artists may encounter, and how to find legal resources when you need them.

This workshop is purely informational and does not constitute any type of legal advice.

In this workshop we will discuss:

  1. What are some key things I can look out for in a contract?
  2. What types of contracts could I encounter in the production industry?
  3. What are some legal resources available to me?

We’ll also discuss book recommendations to understand more about the entertainment industry.


This class is part of the media & production classes offered at studio40. To learn more, visit https://on.nypl.org/studio40