Nicole Blonder

Integrative Health Coach, Nicole Blonder Coaching

Nicole Blonder is an integrative health coach with deep roots in the NYC music industry. With over 25 years of experience spanning record labels, events, agencies and management, Nicole intimately understands the unique lifestyle and challenges faced by musicians and industry professionals. After grappling with a chronic health issue early in her career, she discovered the power of health coaching, a modality that helped transformed her health and inspired her to become certified as a coach herself.

As a coach, Nicole helps people navigate the symptoms of stress, burnout, and various health issues. She takes a comprehensive and holistic approach, addressing nutrition, sleep, mindset, movement, and more. Through personalized guidance and a focus on self-awareness, she helps people create meaningful and lasting changes in their lives. Nicole offers 1:1 coaching, workshops, and leads group health coaching sessions for mindful business community CoMuse. For More: